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Mobile Dog Grooming

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Price List

Please note all prices are correct as from Jan 2017 but may be subject to change.
Please confirm prices when booking

Airedale £70-£90 Prices include bathing, drying, coat trimming*, nail trimming*, ear cleaning/plucking*, and anal glands*

Cross breeds with be charged at the rate of dog they most resemble, in the opinion of the groomer.

Dogs in exceptionally bad condition or of bad temperament will be charged more.

Help us to help you.
When making an appointment please describe your dog and its condition as close as possible so we can give you the most realistic quote

24 hours notice will be needed when cancelling an appointment, failure to do this will result in a cancellation fee

* where possible or applicable to the breed.


Beardie £70-£90
Bichon £50-£60
Border Collie £50-£60
Cavalier £45-£55
Cocker spaniel £50-£60
GSD £70-£120
Gnt Schnauzer £70-£90
Min Schnauzer £50-£55
Goldie £60-£80
Labrador £50-£60
Large Spitz breeds £70-£150
OES £70-£100
Pekingese £50-£60
Rottweillers £60-£70
Rough Collie £80-£120
Scottie £50-£60
Setters. £65-£80
Shih tzu/Lhasa Apso £45-£55
Toy/Min poodle £50-£60
Springer spaniel £55-£65
Staffs £45-£50
Std poodle £70-£90
Std Schnauzer £60-£70
Tibetan terrier £55-£65
Westie £45-£55
Wheaten/Kerry Blue £60-£70
Yorkie £45-£50